PF has resorted to brutality due to loss of popularity-Dr Mwanawasa

Former First Lady Dr Maureen Mwanawasa has charged that the Patriotic Front has resorted to brutality because they have realised that they have lost ground.
Speaking at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Monday during the church service for the late Mapenzi Chibulo who was shot dead by PF police on Friday, Dr Mwanawasa said evil acts by the police should not be tolerated adding that Zambians must approach police violence with the attention it deserves.
‘PF has lost it as we campaign and the only way for them is to become brutal,’ Charged Dr Mwanawasa.
She noted that President Lungu had stated on a platform to literally order the police to be brutal to the opposition.
Dr Mwanawasa further lamented that when the body of the late Mapenzi was taken to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) the police did not allow doctors to certify her dead but took the body directly to the mortuary.
She stressed that the state must be sued while the police must be brought to book in their individual capacities.
And UPND vice president for politics Dr Canisius Banda wondered why the police claimed that they had no man power to police the rally yet they came out in numbers to attack UPND members.
He called on the international community to talk to President Lungu on the violence to avoid coming to Zambia for peace keeping should the violence degenerate to civil strife.
And UPND parliamentary aspirant for Kabwata constituency Mulenga Sata told mourners that the late Mapenzi was part of his delegation that was teargased by the police a week ago when they visited Kabwata Cultural Village.
‘As we left the cultural village there was heavy police presence and they letter teargased our vehicles and pursued us up to our command centre, it was like a dress rehearsal for what happened on Friday,’ Sata lamented.
He said one victim for Friday’s attack is nursing broken legs in the UTH while one remains un identified.
Meanwhile Munji Habeenzu, who is uncle to the deceased and former law maker under the UPND, has expressed dismay at governments’ failure to visit the funeral house.
‘We understand President Lungu hails from Chawama and there is an MP and minister there, what kind of hate do they have against us as a family that they have killed our daughter and they don’t bother to visit our house, you can never be clever over death,’ Habeenzu said.
He called on Zambians to honour Mapenzi by voting with passion on 11th August so that Hakainde Hichilema and his team bring justice to the culprits.
President Lungu has not visited the family as he normally does when his friends and relatives in Jack Compound have funerals. He personally knew the deceased and is a close friend to her father.

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