PF has transformed Zambia into land of disease and poverty- Banda

The Patriotic Front Leadership has created a conducive environment for disease and death due to lack of capacity to manage issues affecting people and their environment, says UPND vice-president Canisius Banda.
Inadequate water supply and poor sanitation facilities in most townships have left residents vulnerable to diseases such as typhoid which has been spreading since 2013 to date.
The Patriotic Front has given a deaf ear to water and sanitation. It is apparent that the PF does not understand service delivery which is at the cornerstone of our daily function. The effects of poor water and sanitation facilities on people’s lives and the environment have been worse under the PF government.
They have no capacity to look at what infrastructure development is needed to improve the lives of the people. But what they seem to have concentrated on are projects like roads which will give them a 10% commission to line their pockets. Yet water is life.
What people must realize is that there is a linkage between Leadership and typhoid because government is responsible for providing proper water and sanitation facilities to prevent outbreak of diseases like typhoid.
Has Edgar Lungu as former Chawama MP, now President given the correct handover notes to his successor? He has quickly forgotten what kind of toilets residents use and where women go to fetch water. Yet water is life.
Worse still John Sichalwe who was Councilor and now area MP is yet to address the problem as residents do not have adequate water supply and proper sanitation facilities.
During interruptions of water supply, some residents in chawama resort to drawing water from shallow well an Ngwenya dam as an alternative water supply. Due to load shedding water supply through water kiosks has been reduced severely.
We are appealing to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to take charge of Public Health and educate residents on Hygiene before the diseases spreads to other parts of the country.
In 2013, Typhoid outbreak in Mufulira’s Mupambe township rose up to 2,094., while a total number of 279 cases of Typhoid fever were recorded in Kabwe and Eastern Province respectively.
While in 2014 Chiengi District in Luapula Province recorded a total number of 208 cases of Cholera while Kabwe recorded 224 cases all from Chindwin barracks. Recently Lusaka recorded cases of Typhoid in Kanyama township and lives were lost.

Issued by
Dr Canisius Banda
Vice President (Politics)

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