PF has turned into tower of Babel, Kaseba’s only CV is Mukamfwilwa-FDD

MukamfwilaMukamfwilaForum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has charged that the Patriotic Front has turned into the biblical tower of Babel.
FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said Thursday morning that the confusion in the Patriotic Front has proved that the PF was never anchored on democracy but on Sata’s charisma. Listen to mukanfwilwa here

Mwanza said the PF has never been an institution anchored on democracy and charged that the party has now turned into a sangwapo (free for all) judging from the calibre of the candidates who have filed for the PF presidency.
And Mwanza has described Dr Christine Kaseba’s decision to vie for the PF presidency barely a week after burying late president Sata as shocking.
Mwanza said Kaseba claims to be the only person carrying Sata’s vision but argued that a vision can never be carried in a briefcase by an individual but is a national agenda of policies that are agreed by an organisation and not the preserve of an individual.
Mwanza further wondered what Sata’s vision was because no one can define it.
He said Dr Kaseba had no track record apart from being the widow of late president Sata.
‘What is the track record of Dr Kaseba? Zero, Kaseba’s only CV is Mukamfwilwa (widow), Mwanza charged.

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