PF hates truth – Dr Banda

Hakainde Hichilema, the president of the United Party for National Development [UPND] is a citizen of Zambia who enjoys freedom not only here in his home country but abroad as well.

He is free to express himself and speak wherever he goes. So he went to a summit in London, England and conducted himself as should any human being, in a manner in keeping with his freedom.

President Hichilema did not insult anyone. He spoke only the truth.

He lamented human rights abuses that have bedevilled the country under the PF.

He decried the selective application of the Public Order Act to disadvantage political actors not in the ruling party.

He spoke about the merits and demerits of contracting debt.

And why it is important to have a sound and predictable policy environment for investments to yield the required returns for both citizens and investors.

He also talked about why fiscal discipline is vital for national governance and for democracy to flourish.

President Hichilema did not talk about the need for PF members to go and urinate in Lake Kariba as a necessary national energy intervention.

President Hichilema did not say that there is need for Bembas to abandon family planning so that the PF can retain its ethnic hegemonic intentions.

President Hichilema did not mock Chishimba Kambwili and liken him to a hippo.

Neither did he say that Zambia must become a one-party State.

His poverty having been ended by the citizens of Zambia, President Hichilema through selfless servanthood is only focused on a united and peaceful Zambia, a country at peace with itself and other nations, a country that assures its people freedom, free and fair elections, a country that equitably distributes its wealth, a country that gives its people clean and safe water, feeds its people, employs them, puts money of the right value in their pockets, educates them and affords them quality healthcare.

What President Hichilema did in London, England should be commended by all.

He told the truth.

And he did so with the intention of lobbying for a better Zambia in future.

Like the PF would have done, he did not lie.

But then the truth always hurts the guilty. And the PF, being the creators of the crises thar have now wrecked Zambia are ashamed and want their shame hidden.

The PF wanted President Hichilema to go to London and remain silent or read their State House done speech. Does this expectation of theirs reflect nomalcy on their part?

Zambia has the following crises now:

1. Money crises

2. Food crisis

3. Employment crises

4. Overpricing of government projects crisis

5. Energy crisis

6. Education crises with thousands of students failing to pay school fees

7. Agriculture crisis

And all these are as a result of a veritable leadership crisis.

The PF should, instead of whining about citizens talking about these crises, must take a leaf from Hakainde Hichilema and provide solutions and lobby the international community for support for the implementation of these solutions.

For now ba PF kuwayawayafye!

We are not inspired. Zambians are hurting; and can do better.

We need change.

Dr Canisius BANDA

UPND Vice President [Politics]

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