PF hiding failure in insincere corruption fight-Chifire


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9 January 2012



The Patriotic Front (PF) Government should work at honoring their campaign promises and making the lives of the citizens better.

During the run up to the 2011 elections the PF promised to bring about positive social and economic transformation within 90 days of being ushered into Government. They promised to restore the Barotseland Agreement, enact a new constitution, and create youth employment among others.

It is however surprising that the PF Government has u-turned on almost all of its campaign promises and rather chosen to apportion blame and intimidate those that reminded them to honor those promises.

The 90 days of PF Government have been a disaster. They have not only failed to honor their promises, but have made terrible blunders which could have easily been avoided. Even their so called fight against corruption is a mere political gimmick designed to hoodwink Zambians and silence political opponents. This so called fight against corruption is designed to shift the attention of Zambians from real issues of poverty, unemployment and all the unfulfilled promises.

As a sign of being transparent and truly democratic, the PF Government should not be allergic to criticism by being defensive and employing tactics that kill opposition, civil society and all the opposing voices, but rather create an environment that creates checks and balances to their action.

However, the situation that is obtaining at the moment where Civil Society has been compromised and silenced, opposition leaders and members threatened with corruption allegations and Parliamentarians from the opposition corrupted with ministerial positions is worrisome. This situation breeds corruption and creation of poor governance systems, and consequently, society at large is made to bear the brunt.

We appeal to the PF Government to give a listening ear to the demands by citizens, most of whom do not have a platform to air their views and grievances by ensuring that they attend to their campaign promises for it is upon that basis that electorates put them into office. The time to pursue populist politics is long gone now that they are in government. They should face reality and deal with reality.


Gregory Chifire

Executive Director

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