PF hires false prophets to ‘proclaim’ Lungu victory, preach lies about opposition

A blasphemous scheme has been hatched by PF through a very well known mafia at State House to hire and line up local and foreign false prophets to give series of false prophecies about the forthcoming general elections in August, sources have disclosed .

Source has disclosed that several ‘prophets’ have been going to meet a Mr Zulu who has been giving them envelopes with assurances of more assistance to build their churches after helping his leader to win elections by swaying the political wind in his favour.

“Its bad here , local prophets have been queuing up here collecting money from this man while another team was tasked to travel to Nigeria to meet some of the famous Nigerian Commercial Prophets to equally line them up to begin giving false prophecies that they see Lungu retaining power in an effort to discourage opposition supporters .

In addition to the stashes of cash, Zambian State House has also told this Nigerian ‘prophet’ to travel to Zambia and hold at least two or three prophetic crusades in favour of Edgar Lungu, under heavy police protection of course. State house has hired a private Jet for the fake prophet and-paid for all his expenses and that of his crew. It will be during these state sponsored crusades that this prophet t turned Judas Iscariot will feed unsuspecting Zambian voters who will throng to these crusades with false prophecies about Election outcome.

These stage managed false prophecies will be given wide coverages in all public media and government arenas like football stadia, Mulungushi Conference Centre and Govt Complex will be surrendered to these unholy and unGodly schemes, ” source said

The last 3 months especially starting from month of May will see desperate actions from PF to a point where those that are weak will fall for them.

“Zambians should keep this article for reference when these begin to happen . Very credible Men of God have fallen for this dirt money all in the name of wanting to build empires for their Church Ministries , ” source

The source further disclosed that these same false prophets will be used in propaganda that shall malign opposition leaders , some of men of God , Media houses and journalists , especially Mr Hichilema and Fred Mmembe of being satanists and homosexuals to put them in bad light with Zambians.

” There is a Mr Ngoma that travelled to Nigeria but failed to meet the Prophet TB Joshua at SCOAN who was their target but settled for another with a similar name but not sure who it is but I can bet Zambians will prove me right . Apparently the local prophets’s assignment will be to say there is a wind blinding people from seeing the developments of the PF Govt. They will claim that the powder the old man put on HH at Chainama Hotel at a Press Conference when Dr Scot and DF President Miles Sampa endorsed Mr Hichilema was a satanic ritual and will extend to everyone if voted into power, ” a source disclosed

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