PF hires Kalomo villagers to parade on ZNBC as Mapatizya formula victims

PF hires Kalomo villagers to parade on ZNBC as Mapatizya formula victims

The Patriotic Front (PF)’s has hired people from Kalomo villages for parading on ZNBC as victims of the Mapatizya.

Some of the villagers who have been paid cash will be transported to Livingstone where they will be used to go round telling voters that they were beaten by UPND supporters in Mapatizya some seven years ago.

This is in a bid by the PF which thrives on blood to portray the opposition as a violent party.

According to Watchdog informers at the Mosi apartments where Obvous Mwaliteta and Lawrence Evans are operating from, Daniel Munkombwe and MMD Chairman a Mr. Siamwela will travel to Mapatizya constituency with a ZNBC crew. The mission will be to go and interview people who have agreed to be paid and claim to have been victims of the Mapatizya formula.

The truth is that the people who were disciplined that time were thugs transported from Lusaka by the MMD of Levy Mwanawasa.

Sources have revealed that there are about nine families that have accepted to appear on camera in exchange for cash and talk about the Mapatizya incidence, which was caused by Daniel Munkombwe and the MMD.

Some of the people that have accepted to talk about Mapatizya are Sailos Siakayaya from Kabanga area, Katyamba Muungo of come again area, Mwananongolo from Chileshe family, Syejumupnd 2ba family, Harry Sakame, George Susu from Luyaba area, Mrs. Kangela from Luyaba, Anna Makunika from Mulanfu area and Siamwela family from Simalundu area.

The hired families have also accepted to be transported to Livingstone to go and ‘emotionally’ talk about the Mapatizya formula before voting on Thursday

And Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General who is also Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has pleaded with the people of Livingstone to vote for the PF if they wanted development.

Speaking on radio programme in Livingstone on Sunday afternoon Kabimba said that the by-election in Livingstone would be an image builder for tourism.

Kabimba who is in Livingstone to drum up support for PF candidate Lawrence Evans accused the UPND of being heartless for failing to send condolences to the family of Harrison Chanda who was murdered in Livingstone.

He said that the PF is disappointed with UPND for failing to send condolences.

But taxi drivers who were listening to Kabimba’s interview in a group were heard asking themselves ‘what is this dog talking about.’

Kabimba has also accused the UPND of being violent.

Kabimba later joined Evans, Mwaliteta and others at Mosi apartment where they are sending text messages to Livingston residents. The Mosi apartment t are guarded by heavily armed policemen.

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