PF hounds out Kasempa FM Station Manager for rejecting a PF party position


The Patriotic Front under the underdog methods of Kasempa District Commissioner Victor Kayekesi have managed to hound out Kasempa FM Station Manager Nyambe Muyumbana from the station for rejecting to be a PF cadre.

Reliable sources in Kasempa have told the Zambia Watchdog that Muyumbana has been a threat to the PF and the corrupt Kayekesi for he has been objective in the way he was running the radio station.

“He was last year approached by Kasempa PF district chairman Mr. Njamba and a PF councilor from Mufumbwe offering him a position as PF publicity secretary and that president Michael Sata and PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba were aware about the development,’ said the source.

The source explained that from their surprise Muyumbana declined the offer saying as a journalist he was required to be non-partisan and that it will not reflect well in the community if he belonged to a political party.

The source said it was from that time that the PF felt Muyumbana was MMD and that he was working against the PF government.

The source further disclosed that Kayekesi managed to buy all Board members including the traditional authority to hound Muyumbana out threatening that government will not fund the radio station and close it if Muyumbana continued at the helm of it.

“Even the last month events where the police went with a search warrant in pretext that they were looking for contemptuous material at the radio station, they were sent by Kayekesi to arrest Muyumbana but they were disappointed that he was on leave,” the source explained.

“The district is divided over Muyumbana right now. The PF is becoming even more un-popular in Kasempa under the leadership of Kayekesi as DC who is commanding acting officer in charge Mukanzo to arrest anyone perceived to be not PF. The OP is being used as well to intimidate innocent people in Kasempa,” said the source.

“As we speak Muyumbana was arrested and charged for conduct for simply talking to an OP chap. All this is under the influence of Kayekesi. We ask Wynter Kabimba to intervene because this boy (Kayekesi) is just worsening the situation in an MMD opposition built district. The young man wants to control everything and everyone,” the source said.

According to a letter to Muyumbana, the Board could not give him a new contract because the radio station did not have funds and this is even after an assurance from Panos that GIZ was still willing to pay part of Muyumbana’s salary.

Muyumbana found the radio station almost collapsing without even toilets working two years ago when he joined as a Panos employee as there was an MOU between the two institutions to the extent that Panos will employ the station manager for the agreed period.

The source further explained that when the Radio Station Association heard of the development, they summoned an Extra Ordinary General Meeting last Friday and rescinded the Board ‘s decision but Kayekesi summoned a meeting on Monday to undo the decision of the supreme organ of the radio station.


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