PF implements more tribal campaigns


Daily Nation proprietor Richard Sakala and PF Media Director Sunday Chanda have been tasked to drive a serious but dangerous tribal agenda where a picture will be painted like the UPND hates Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people.

In a meeting held last week on 16th July 2020 at the Daily Nation offices in the industrial area, PF through Sunday Chanda and Richard Sakala resolved to push this line so that the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema or other UPND officials can be dragged in the debate and respond.

“This is a well orchestrated agenda and being supported by other senior PF officials with a view to slow the UPND momentum gained in the Northern zones. You know that once the chief has already been installed and recognised by government, nobody can dethrone him/her. All previous presidents have had issues with some chiefs, but nobody dethroned them. Remember even late President Michael Sata had issues with chiefs like Jumbe in Eastern Province. At one time Sata revealed that he knew what Chief Jumbe was plotting, but did he dethrone him? Remember how Chief Mwata Kazembe was at one time even whipping PF supporters in his areas, but did any regime dethrone him? There are many examples. If anything, it is even the UPND President Mr. Hichilema and his officials who fought hard to have the current Chitimukulu recognised and be installed. At that time Edgar Lungu as Home Affairs Minister then deployed battalions of police officers to block ba Sosala from ascending to the throne. How can they today even think of now dethroning him after such a fight?”, sources wondered.

In the PF circles, it’s generally agreed that they have no more messeges to tell Zambians and time is running out.

According to some insiders close to this scheme, the feeling is that the many youths that have been given NRCs in the Northern zones should be driven into tribal hatred against the UPND because the UPND messages so far resonates well with the youth.

“The plan is to drag the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema into tribal response and hope he can make a mistake which Sunday Chanda and other PF surrogates can capitalise on. You will see more of such tribal stories in the Daily Nation most of them written by Sunday Chanda himself even quoting fictitious characters then following day Sunday Chanda will be writing press statements condemning. There’s a lot of fear and desperation in the PF camp. They have no messeges for the masses anymore due to economic hardships. Hence the tramp card now is to push the tribal narrative for their selfish reasons. UPND members should equally open their eyes as they comment on this issue. They will fall in the Richard Sakala and Sunday Chanda tribal trap”, revealed a source close to the scheme.

Richard Sakala and his Daily Nation has been particularly picked in this agenda because of his fear for another jail. In the run up to the 2016 elections, Sakala was heavily funded by State House through dismissed Edgar Lungu’s Press Aide Amos Chanda.

Even the Daily Nation news delivery vehicles were bought by State House though Sakala has now personalised most of them into his private business of fish ponds in Lusaka West and Siavonga.

As of now, the Daily Nation is being distributed using government media vehicles such as the Zambia Daily Mail which is another crime.

And to make sure they push this tribal agenda, Daily Nation has been funded to increase circulation even if it’s not making any profits and being bought but it will be given freely to citizens especially in the Northern zones. The Daily Nation is already heavily funded by State House that’s why it’s electronic version is readily available early in the morning to anyone even without any subscriptions by readers.

“The panic in the PF camp is real. You know the latter rains that can even destroy crops as is it goes? They can even burn the country in their quest to remain in power or for everyone to loss out”, sources close to the scheme revealed.

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