People who welcomed Sata in Livingstone were imported from Lusaka, CB

The Patriotic Front government has transported thousands of party cadres to Livingstone to attend the 20th session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation leaving genuine would be delegates, the Zambian Watchdog has learnt.
Most of the people who were paraded, photographed and filmed  as welcoming President Michael Sata at the Livingstone Airport were actually ‘imported’ from Lusaka and Copperbelt. Even the ushers and other casual workers who were imported from other towns were ordered to be at the airport to welcome their ruler.
According to information reaching the Zambian Watchdog, the Patriotic Front has been transporting hundreds of cadres from Kitwe, Ndola and Lusaka to Livingstone in order to beef up numbers as the Zambian organisers feel they have been out-shined by co-hosts Zimbabwe.
A source from within the PF government revealed that the PF government has also exported street vendors from the three major towns to Livingstone so that they can put more money in their pockets during the five day conference. The source said most of the street vendors are from Lusaka’s Kamwala trading area.
The transporting of vendors to Livingstone from Kamwala however does not come as a surprise as ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott was quoted in the PF mouth-piece the Post Newspapers last week that the government was going to transport vendors from Kamwala to Livingstone.
The ceremonial Vice President however did not tell the nation that the government was going to transport party cadres to pose as delegates.
In a normal government, the PF could have transported some tour operators, travel agents, lodges, motels and hotel staff to Livingstone in order to expose them to the tourism industry.


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