PF imports more cadres from Kitwe to Mufumbwe

The ruling party PF has imported two more bus-loads of cadres from the Copperbelt into Mufumbwe ahead of the parliamentary 8th November by-election.

And the MMD and UPND have warned that they will meet the PF cadres ‘in full measure’ if the ruling party continues its violence in the area. The MMD has also disclosed that the PF is getting desperate as it is failing to hold rallies in the area as people shun them but children go to play.

MMD campaign manager in Mufumbwe Newton Samakayi has disclosed that the PF campaign has resumed their provocation activities after a relatively peaceful one week in Mufumbwe.

He said more cadres were imported into Mufumbwe from Kitwe and that on Saturday the PF disturbed a meeting addressed by Mulondwe Muzungu in chief Samuzhimu and the Police were helpless despite having been informed.

Samakayi disclosed that there was another incident where Jean Kaspata instructed her youths to remove MMD posters at kalengwa Turn off and the Police Officer who tried to control the situation was molested while Kapata watched in approval.

‘With importation of additional Youths in two buses through Kaoma means that PF is going to be violent and will intimidate voters as an indirect way of rigging the election,’ said Samakayi.

Samakayi said the people of Mufumbwe do not want ‘aliens during this by-election as memories of wanton destruction in 2010 by-elections are still fresh.’

He said the ‘PF should order their mercenaries to go back to Kitwe and Lusaka, if not Mufumbwe is going to turn ugly as we will not tolerate intimidation from PF.

‘We will certainly meet PF with equal measure of strength if the Campaign Manager continues exhibiting irresponsible behaviour coated in political illusions.

‘The nation may know that PF does not embrace civility and as MMD and UPND our patience is running out and we are geared for a show down.’


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