PF planning to create more constituencies in Muchinga and Luapula

The Patriotic Front has realised that it has lots the urban vote and the plan is now to move to rural areas. Part of the plan is to create more constituencies in Muchinga, Luapula and Northern provinces.

But there is a problem.

The party has been planning to delimitate rural constituencies but it can not do so without conducting a Census on Population. The PF has previously stated that it can not go for a referendum on the adoption of the new constitution because the government has no financial resources to conduct a census.

A source within the PF government has disclosed that the development has given the PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and his cronies sleepless nights.

“These guys have found themselves in a serious situation. Actually they are in a fix. They have realised that they can not win elections in urban areas so they want to delimitate rural constituencies to accommodate some people,” the source said.

The source said to deliminate, the delimitation  commission has to know the number of voters and would be voters in each constituency based on census reports.

“The last time delimitation was done figures were based on census reports and as you may know, it was long time Zambia conducted a census and the delimination commission can not rely on old data so if they have to do that, they have to conduct a new census and that is where the problem is,” the source said.

Prominent among the current Members of Parliament that the PF was thinking of relocating from urban constituencies to new deliminated rural constituencies are Munali MP who is also Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Professor Nkandu Luo and Kanyama MP who is also Muchinga Province Provincial Minister Gerry Chanda.

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