PF in Mangango by election dilemma

PF in Mangango by election dilemma

The PF is in dilemma as they don’t know which candidate to field in the forthcoming by election in Mangango following the disqualification of MMD MP but PF cadre Chiseke Taundi.

PF sources in Kaoma have told the Watchdog that the party is undecided on the three candidates who have shown interest to stand on the PF. These are Chiseke Taundi, whose election was nullified for corruption and according to president Michael Sata is a refugee from Angola, Samba Muhongo and a Simbulwa.

The party has been trying to impose Taundi who was disqualified for flouting electoral rules while other members want Muhongo, but the latter has no financial muscle and is unknown in the area.

And a further investigation reveals that some people have been canvassing for adoption on UPND ticket, which is mostly favoured in the constituency. Among the front-runners on the UPND ticket are Mangango ward councillor Godwin Putu, Webster Mulubisha and former Labour minister in MMD era Austin Liato.

In subsequent articles we will publish articles about how under developed Mangango constituency is, how the PF have been manipulating the people of Kaoma and western province as a whole. We will also show you pictures of dilapidated teachers’ houses but of course to PF this is what is called unprecedented and massive development.

To begin with, this is how the PF is doing under their ‘Link Zambia or is it link Muchinga’ project? This is Kaoma to Mangango road as well as Kaoma Mongu road. These roads are not priorities to the PF. They may be considered when time and resources allow after or if there will be change from priority districts.

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