PF in Nalolo picks Mundia, man who destroyed Mulungushi textiles, suppllying material to beat Barotse activists

PF in Nalolo picks Mundia, man who destroyed Mulungushi textiles, suppllying material to beat Barotse activists



The PF in Inonge Wina’s Nalolo Constituency have settled for Ministry of Defence tender thief Enock Mundia currently based in China. Mundia is the man who destroyed Mulungush Textiles by taking its main contract to his company in China.

Enock Mundia is the thief who has been given all the contracts from Ministries of Home Affairs and Defence to supply garment and other weapons to these wings, the same equipment that was being used to terrorise the people of Barotseland under the PF government.

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu started giving Enock Mundia defence and security contracts when he (Lungu) served as Home Affairs and later Minister of Defence.

Among the lethal equipment and garments Mundia has been supplying includes teargas canisters, rubber bullets, and uniforms all of which has been deadly used against his own people for the love of money.

In China he owns a fabric factory and is now the sole supplier of PF regalia and shipping it into the country without paying duty even when the country is bankrupt.

Inonge Wina is still hoping she can be adopted as the running mate hence leaving the seat to the crooked businessman, who is now splashing all sorts of money to the same electorates whom he has been brutalising using the equipment supplied to the Zambian security wings.

After failing English at grade 12 in 1986, Mundia found a job first as bricklayer then machine operator at Mulungushi textiles in Kabwe.

Mulungushi textiles later invested huge sums of money to to send Mundia to China to study textile management. After obtaining a diploma, he returned to Mulungushi textiles for a year but with a very bad, ulterior motive. What management did not know is that Mundia had made contacts in China and was looking on how to take away Mulungushi textile business. To those who do not know, in the Kenneth Kaunda days, Mulungushi was strategically granted contracts to manufacture uniforms for all defence and security forces in Zambia. This was aimed at empowering a local company and to give Zambians jobs.  Mulungushi textiles was a success story and used to export chitenge materials all over the world and employed thousands of Zambians. Security wise, it meant that uniforms for our soldiers were made locally such that if war broke out and borders were closed, our soldiers would still be adequately supplied. But Mundia and Edgar Lungu destroyed this.

Mundia and his Chinese partners started a company called Lilume textiles, a copy of Mulunggushi textiles. This is the company that is now exclusively supplying uniforms to Zambia’s defence and security forces.  This contract was taken away from Mulungushi textiles and given to Mundia and his Chinese partners. Mulungushi textiles lost its biggest contract and thousands of Zambians lost their jobs.

When late president Michael Sata visited China in 2012, he marvelled that there was a Zambian who was employing 5000 Chinese people. What president Sata was not told was that those jobs were taken away from Zambians.

This is is the PF candidate.

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