PF In process of forcing new UPND councillor in Lupososhi to resign

By James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku RPP President*

On Tuesday President  Edgar Lungu is scheduled to visit northern province and pay a courtesy call on the Chitimukulu.

This is not a normal schedule but a calculated move to mutilate democracy.

GBM who has just returned from South Africa is already in talks with the upnd counsellor who just won for upnd in LUPOSOSHI to resign and join PF so that a fresh election is arranged.

We are disturbed with the PF appetite to remain in power at all costs.

The LUPOSOSHI vote for upnd has demonstrated that we can have a turn in the distribution of the voting pattern which is a very positive expectation in as far as fighting regionalism and tribalism in elections is concerned.

Don’t rape our democracy.

We appeal to GBM and President Lungu to desist from tempering with democracy.

It will be retrogressive should this orchestrated plan to porch a new upnd counsellor in northern province to the PF go on.

If the PF can’t accept this simple ward defeat, it will be difficult for them to accept the pending exit door in 2021.

Insoni ebuntu.

It’s unfortunate that this resignation is planned to take place after a courtesy call on the Chitimukulu. This will stand to compromise the respect and independence of our chief.

Let all Zambians say no to this contempt of democracy.

*James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku RPP President*

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