PF internal fighting making it difficult to organise meeting

Sir PF is struggling to launch this year’s official campaign due to the on going internal fighting within and the poor economy which has upset alot of citizens under the PF regime.

The anger of citizens can be seen by every days peoples defections and more are yet to do so. Just like I have shared with you earlier on,on the internal happening in the PF, kindly be informed that more problems has engulfed PF. Alot of PF senior and genuine members will leave PF and this has really made it difficult for PF to organise meetings hence they are now importing cadres to deceive people that they still command a lager following national wide.

Sir Zambians must be reminded that the PF they voted for in 2011, its no longer existing. Zambians may be wondering why the PF decided to change the venue for their official campaign launch which was to be held at heroes stadium. The reason is very simple, recently PF hired cadres country wide and took them to mongu where the president went to drum up support ahead of the elections.some cadres and some members of the general public where hired with a hope to be paid K2’500.00 each.upon finishing their businesses with the hired cadres, PF failed to facility logistics for their way back and this angered the poor cadres who where promised K2, 500 00 + logistics go come,after attending the PF rallies in mongu. The hired cadres have refused to attend the PF official campaign launch not until PF pays them what they promised them. So PF will not use heroes stadium in order to avoid embarrassment.

OP officers have also advised PF not to allow UPND to hold their campaign launch which was slated on 14 th may 2016, in Kitwe at freedom park as O.P reports indicates that UPND has gained more support in the Copperbelt and if they are not blocked, this would send a strong signal to the nation of how much people are geared to vote PF out on 11 th august 2016,something that has scared PF. The officers are being briefed that they should not accord the opposition with permit to hold their rallies or all they should do is to delay issuing permit to oppositions.

PF officials are currently reviewing OP reports which are indicating that if elections where to be held today, UPND would win with more 57% .currently OP reports are indicating that PF has lost more than 20% of support national wide from 2015 presidential by…elections and UPND has gained more than 25% support national wide. Continue speaking for million zambians sir with your team our hope is in UPND and HH.

More coming!!!!!


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