PF introduces more levies on poor marketeer

PF introduces more levies on poor marketeer

In addition to other taxes and levies marketeers are already subjected to, the PF is in the process of imposing yet another levy on any person selling merchandise in Zambia.

Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale told Parliament last week that marketeers will be  levied K1 on a daily basis whether they make a profit or not.

Mwale said there are about three million marketeers in Zambia, and since each will be paying K1 on a daily basis, that will translate into K3 million per day.

The PF, which no longer claims to be a pro poor party after being hijacked by the MMD, is only looking at how much it can raise from the poor marketeers. To PF regime officials and MPs, K1 looks like a small amount, but this is because they are looking at the hefty salaries and other perks they get from government and parliament. Besides, marketeers are already paying other levies and charges to councils.

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