PF is a bad regime

PF is a bad regime


By Jonas Shakafuswa

Democracy has a lot of challenges. It is not a game for the weak. You have to be magnanimous to lead the people in a democracy. Only those with the heart of Leadership should qualify to Lead.

Today dissent is taken to be enemy of the Country. Men and Women who expects the best for the Country are being stripped of their rights by foolish Policing by the Zambia Police on Partisan lines. Today Police Force does not belong to the people of Zambia, but it is an extension of PF.

Today dissent denies you the benefit of enjoying the fruits of our Country. You have to agree to even with the most foolish things for you to be appointed or keep your job. Today dissent makes you an alien. A refugee in your Country with no rights whatsoever.

Today you can’t have bussiness with Government because you are against the many ills of PF. Today all Zambians should behave like idiots and look the other way when their Country is degenerating.

Today your tribe is a prescription of discrimination. Today their tribe is a means by which they claim all the wealth and positions in this Country. Do we really have to be unpatriotic and allow our Country to its knees to be called Zambians? What happened to call of “Unity in diversity” which brought us together when we fought the One Party State?.Zambia will and has to raise above this mediocrity.

We will fight for the second independence from our local colonialist. Yes the Day Has Come for every Zambian to be recognized and enjoy the fruits of our independence, the fruits of multiparty democracy. Let us not be down troden by little dictators who want their evil will to divide this Country to be the order of the day. They are very little scared people. To them the use of force shows strength. No it shows they are scared little men. People should respect their works. In life bullies have always been weak at heart. Yes the Day Has Come for the emancipation of our Country.

Countrymen let us rise above our region. Let us rise above our tribe. Let us rise above Partisan interests. Partisan interest has restricted our resolve to move this Country Let us claim back our Country. Let us fight for our Independence. Yes the second independence.

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