PF is evil

P.F an EVIL TREE which Zambians must not just CUT but UPROOT and burn to ASHES .P.F Has turned into an MMD-MOVEMENT OF MONSTERS AND DEMONS says very ready to kill its citizens says Copperbelt university former council chairperson, MR GERSHOM PHIRI who is also Zambia National students Union (ZANASU) think tank chair person, Said Zambians must consider not voting for Edgar or any P.f member as it would be a life threatening mistake, Zambians have been sentenced to Maximum STARVATION by Edgar’s bad leadership, this is because for the first time in the history of Zambia We have a president who is not an administrator, is not a leader and worse more is not even a politician in all fairness I used to be very much P.f but as of now, no HUMAN being in his Normal state would choose to remain in P.f, for what? Everything seems not to be working with EDGAR because the guy has no VISION about this country and ideally he is following Rupiahs vision,my HEARTBLEEDS and I shed tears when I look at EDGAR LUNGU is giving Zambians mental torture,the guy has no morals and very corrupt that’s why you have seen Edgar welcoming corruption with two hands, because as things stand corruption fight died with Mr Patrick Mwanawasa and Sata, if Edgar is not very much a corrupt President, I challenge him to have KAIZA ZULU locked up, over the money he obtained from the Chinese investor or ,CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI be arrested for abuse of office for single headedly giving his niece a job at ZNBC and for requesting RATSA to employ P.f CADRES through his directives and not normal procedures were RATSA can advertise and citizens apply so that people get jobs on merits and not as a result of their political affiliation , right now corruption has become worse than hopeless such that if we had the capacity to generate electricity from corruption activities, Zambia alone can supply the all world with electricity for the all year. When you look at the education sector, P.f has failed to run the only two public institutions and honestly Kambwili was boasting about P.f constructing universities but honestly how are they going manage these universities which up to now have failed to open?(phiri wondered) any way the moment I saw Kambwili opening his big mouth I knew nothing positive will come out because I know Kambwilis dullness is part of his DNA,(PHIRI ADDED) right now as you know the university of Zambia was suppose to open on 4th but up to now they have no idea on when the university will open,P.f must understand that they won by less than 28,000 votes and cbu students + lecturers and other members of staff are over 20,000 now talk about UNZA students,Unza lecturer’s and Unza members of staff and a lot of other Zambians which P.F is giving mental TORTURE by depriving them access to education which has become a preserve for the rich,yes right now a lot of poor Zambians are only going as far as the high schools and failing to pay the university and college fees being demanded by university authorities,in fact from 2010 students were paying k12,000 under MMD but after 2011 there has been un bearable rate of increase in tuition fees such that students are now paying more than k22,000 this year at CBU,in fact when you look at the so called bursary if you are given say a 75% bursary it means you have to about k6,000 and these are Zambians coming from families were they fail to buy a bag of mealie meal which costs only k78,so a million dollar question a well meaning Zambian should ask him self is why should we continue with P.F? With such an observation and without any fear or favour I wish to encourage all Zambians to VOTE for UPND or FDD because I have now gone through their respective manifestos and have had time to analyse H.H next year. Look at the unemployment rate,it has become worse than hopeless and its better to be a prisoner in U.S.A than a free citizen in Zambia, therefore ALL Zambians must not vote for p.f next year because the countries situation will eventualy worsen.
ZANASU THINK TANK-Chairperson and Judiciary member

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