PF is extremely intolerant

Transparency International Zambia (TI-Z) is dismayed at the unwarranted attacks it has
received from the Patriotic Front (PF) through its Provincial youth Chairperson Kennedy
TIZ is a professional organization whose responsibility among others, is to provide
checks and balances to the government. It is rather shocking that simple advice can be
taken with such venom and hostility as to warrant direct attacks on the organization and
its leadership. We will not be drawn into a media brawl with the Mr Kaamba or the PF.
The PF needs to learn to take advice and constructive criticism. That is what happens in
a democratic dispensation.
We find it interesting that when we say something that praises the PF, TIZ is labelled to
be PF. When we say something that they are not comfortable with, we are labelled to be
UPND. This is very unfortunate, as TIZ is an apolitical organization. In striving to
promote good governance, we are alive to the fact that some things we may say maybe
uncomfortable for any ruling party. But we will not neglect our responsibilities simply
because our statements will make people uncomfortable.
TIZ has desisted from issuing statements on the arrest of the opposition leader, TIZ has
indeed desisted from making political comments. The comment that has angered the PF
provincial youth chairperson was advice for the PF to use someone who is an authority
in interpreting legal issues when making statements bordering on the subject.
This is the most politically intolerant government we have seen since the reintroduction
of multi-party politics. They are clamping down democratic space. Anyone who says
something they are uncomfortable with is attacked. That is not how democracy works.
We would like to remind the PF that this is still a democratic state where freedom of
expression is a right that has to be enjoyed and protected as such.
TIZ will continue with its work of promoting good governance, which entails respect for
the rule of law, democracy, protection of human rights, transparency, accountability,
justice and equality among others. So when there is an exhibit of poor governance by
virtue of abrogating any of these good governance principles, TIZ will be there to
criticize and provide guidance. TIZ will not be silenced by political party cadres.
Wesley Chibamba
Executive Director (Ag) – Transparency International Zambia

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