PF is hurting Zambia just like UNIP did


It is very disappointing to see the direction our beloved nation is heading. The PF (BUFI) government have hurt this nation worse just like the Kaunda era. They are treating us the voters as though they are not accountable to anyone. The resignation of opposition leaders, is betrayal of morality and the recent resignation of opposition political party members is not only a betrayal to the electorate but also a sign of immaturity on the part of these people. They have no heart for the people that they represent and all they are doing is to enrich their own interests.

They are saying the reason they are resigning is because the parties they represent has lost direction and yet in the actual sense, they are just looking for opportunities to get a job and enrich themselves. These leaders can not be trusted and Zambia should not be duped that these people want to serve the people better in PF. Never should these people be given chances again to rule their constituencies again because they do not have the people of Zambia at heart. They are wasting tax payers money and putting the people into holding by elections again for something that can be prevented for the benefit of the people of Zambia. This is the reason subsidies have been removed because of the so many by elections which are budgeted for but they have become too many of them and the portion allocated for them has been wiped clean. Michael Sata and his government are all liars. If you disagree with me that’s your own problem and I don’t care. He promised us more money in 90 days and the constitution and now its going on to 3 years and soon it will be elections.

Leaders in Zambia have no morality and they do not have a stand for anything. All they look for is just opportunity to make themselves rich at the expense of the voters and don’t even be cheated. The dull kambwili is even saying that only rich people who drive will be affected by this removal of fuel subsidy. Very dull chap. How can it not affect the whole nation when we people depend on public transport and the control of commodities is dependent on market forces or on price of production. Kambwili must take some evening economic classes at UNZA to understand the marketing system better because the chap is dull indeed. I salute Fr Bwalya for his stand to walk away from this corruption of thieves even though I don’t agree with him forming his own political party, but he is a man of integrity and I salute him for that compared to chaps like Prof Chirwa who want to dupe Zambia of all its resources.


Here are few examples of their idiocy


1. Unending by elections which are costly for mother Zambia

2. The removal of subsidies

3. Increments of Salaries for their own enrichment

4. The threat of the right to air your own views without being arrested

5. Wynter Kabimba intimidation of the ACC

6. Public order act applied to opposition parties only
7. Misuse of taxpayer money-K1.4 billion President retirement house

8. The K14 billion that his friends owe which they will never pay because they are being protected by Sata


Enjoy the bufi song as you get punished by your boma of bufi leaders


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