PF is just a street party, says Shakafuswa

PF is just a street party, says Shakafuswa



Former UPND Katuba Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa says as long as Steven Kampyongo is serving as Home Affairs Minister, political violence will be inevitable in the forth-coming elections.

And Shakafuswa says he has always held a view that the ruling PF is a “street party”, hence his decision to support his long time friend President Edgar Lungu in the 2016 polls so that together, they could reform the party.

Meanwhile, Shakafuswa is worried that the PF is embarrassing most male Zambians to their wives by making them que for meali-meal and money.

Speaking on Pan African Radio, People Debate Programme, Mr Shakafuswa fondly referred to as Shakas accused Kampyongo of architecting the violence that characterised the 2014 Katuba by-elections in which he(Shakafuswa won).

He recalled that prior to the counting of that by- election, he received an intelligence report from a police officer to the effect that he had won the elections but that Kampyongo had organised cadres to cause mayhem at the polling stations to thwart the results in favour of a PF Candidate.

Shakafuswa said he acted on the information to deal with the PF cadres who had surrounded the polling stations and in the process managed to win the elections.

He said when he was re-elected, he confronted Mr Kampyongo at Parliament Building as to why he organised party cadres to plan a mayhem but that the Shiwang’andu lawmarker mockingly told him that it was another way of claiming victory in favour of the ruling party.

Shakafuswa complained that lawlessness had reached unprecedented levels in the country where PF cadres are acting as if they own the country.

“As I was coming here for a programme, I was shocked to see unregistered vehicles, written “ECL for 2021″ on the wrong side of the road . To the PF cadres that is authority.

Teshi chishi chabanyina wanu chino,” Shakas said in his native Lenje loosely translated as( this is not your mother’s country).

He said the PF attained power on the premise of multipartism but that they want to take Zambia back to a one party state, where cadres have taken control of institutions of governance.

Shakafuswa urged President Lungu to be bold enough and nip lawlessness in the bud.

“To the humble one, please humbly humble your cadres,” the former Deputy Finance Minister said.

He said it is unfortunate that while the President is campaigning through various tours, the opposition are not given space to talk to their electorates, urging the Zambian leader to level the playing field.

And Shakafuswa said he only campaigned for the PF in 2016 to find an opportunity to reform a party he has always viewed as a “street organisation”.

“When I campaigned for the PF…you see, I know the President personally and I went in to help him. I thought I could help. At that time, I will be honest with you, I couldn’t associate myself with PF because it was like a street party.

I thought of working with the President to make PF reform. Alas, when I went inside, I found that what was there was something else. I stayed away but I keep advising…when there is something wrong, I advise and when there is something good, I praise,” he said.

Asked to give his overview on the forthcoming polls,

Shakafuswa said, “UPND at the moment is the biggest party in the political scenario. If any Zambian wants change but they have differences with the UPND, they need to make amends and if there are Zambians who want the best out of PF, they need to start looking at ills in the PF and make them better so that it becomes better to serve the people of Zambia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shakafuswa said the PF should start respecting Zambians.

“It is time that as Zambians, we started bringing the best out of ourselves.

The selfishness that has shown itself out of our leadership has to be removed. How do you go into power, instead of serving the people, you start serving yourself and making money at the expense of poor Zambians?

That is plunder of national resources,” he complained.

Shakafuswa added: ” You in your house, when your wife sees you queuing for meali-meal, she will will never give you respect.

That is what the PF is doing. They want us to que so that they give us money out of the money they have made from people’s resources. That is shameful.

Let them give us back our respect,” he demanded.

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