PF is like a headless chicken – FDD

The continued vicious power struggles between Guy Scott, the Acting President of the Patriotic Front and Edgar Lungu who is the Secretary General of the PF proves that the PF is like a headless chicken which has neither direction nor vision and should therefore be kicked out of the office in the forthcoming Presidential By-election.

The mere fact that the PF Constitution allows three Portfolios, The Party Vice President, the Secretary General and the National Party Chairperson to all simultaneously act as Party Presidents in the absence of the President shows just how confused PF as a Party is.

The ongoing power struggles and the deep divisions that have emerged in the PF are as a result of several factors. Number one, the lack quality, visionary leadership within the Party. There is a serious leadership crisis in PF. What they have is Chipante-pants, Sangwapo Type of Leadership where every Dick and Jane including simple drunkards and petty hooligans think they can take over the running of both the party and the country. Number two cause of confusion in PF is the fact that PF is Sata, and Sata is PF. PF despite forming Government never developed into institution but remained a one man show driven by Mr Sata. Even when the Party went to the convention there were no elections held instead Mr Sata handpicked members of his Central Committee. The third reason causing confusion in PF is their flawed Party Constitution which does not have a clearly defined succession plan.

We as Forum for Democracy and Development, FDD urge Zambians to seriously reflect on what is obtaining in the PF and judgment as to whether these are the kind of leaders they want to entrust the country with especially now that the nation is bleeding with hunger, poverty, joblessness, disease and destitution. Let us not vote based on sympathy, tribe, or ichimwela let us usher in a new President based on their proven track record, vision, ability to deliver and a clear sense of judgment.

May God bless Zambia.

issued by Antonio Mwanza
FDD Spokesperson

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