PF is lying, Cabinet outside parliament requires no extra cost

PF is lying, Cabinet outside parliament requires no extra cost


USA cabinet

USA cabinet

PF Government says clause on choosing Members of Cabinet from outside parliament and the provincial assemblies were not included in the bill that has been passed by parliament because it is costly.

Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili says including the clauses would have meant creating more than 500 jobs for politicians, which would have increased government

Kambwili told ZNBC that government has no money to pay such a big number of politicians.

Kambwili however said some of the clauses, which the people of Zambia needed such as the fifty plus one and the presidential running mate have been included in the new constitution.

But Kamwbili is lying. Appointing ministers from outside parliament would not entail any additional expenses on government. What it would have meant is that the combined roles of minister and MP would have been split. In short, Kambwili would have remained an MP and being paid a salary and allowances for being an MP just like backbench MPs. But the second salary and allowances plus cars and housing he gets as minister would have been given to a minister appointed from outside parliament. So which extra cost is Kambwilie talking about?

This actually is the practice in the USA where all cabinet ministers are not members of parliament. The president and vice president are elected but ministers (referred to as secretaries of state) are appointed outside parliament. In USA, there are only 17 cabinet ministers by the way.

And how come Kambwili and his People’s Failure (PF) can, on some clauses, say this is what the people want, yet on other clauses say ‘we can’t allow this’?

Cabinet outside parliament ensures accountability as ministers would be careful what they do because they would know that an independent parliament is watching. But now the same person is the law maker and implementor and gets double salaries. The people of Zambia were not foolish when they submitted that ministers should not be MPs. That is what the people of Zambia want.

Kambwili and his friends have no right to pick out from the people’s submission on what they think the people want. The people spoke. For many decades the people have been saying these same things.

Who is Kambwili to speak down on Zambians and say this is the clause which Zambians ‘need’ when Zambians submitted to the constitutional review commission what they want? Is Kambwili and his PF telling Zambians that they are too foolish to know what they want such that he and his colleagues should choose what should be in the constitution?

Is 50 plus one not expensive, holding elections twice, if it comes to that?

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