PF is making HH, GBM more popular by trying to demonise them – Emmanuel Mwamba

PF is making HH, GBM more popular by trying to demonise them – Emmanuel Mwamba

High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba says the PF is making UPND leaders Hakainde Hichilema (HH) and Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) more popular by trying to demonize them.

Posting in one of the PF Whatsapp groups, Mwamba noted with regret that nowadays HH, UPND and GBM are the only names trending in their forums and their pictures are the most posted in all PF forums.

Mwammba who refers to HH and GBM as his enemies says the two opposition leaders have replaced ‘our agenda, our goal, and our candidate’.

‘I am on all whatsApp groups and all I can see are our rival’s images and audios, day after day,’ Mwamba complained.

‘As a communication expert and communication strategist, I can tell you that all publicity is good publicity,’ Mwamba advised.2016-04-13 21.32.51

He recalled that the MMD made a cardinal mistake; ‘they vilified, ridiculed and discussed Michael Sata everyday. This made Sata even  more popular,’ he said.


‘The more they tried to destroy him with ugly pictures and ugly messages, the more the people sympathised with him. ‘This is a ploy!! We should not repeat those mistakes,’ Mwamba said.


He said that ‘whether it’s GBM’s deliberate and audio insults or Hichilema’s videos and images, or Cornelius Mwetwa, its all staged.


‘You are trapped into discussing  their agenda, leadership (or lack of it), their personalities,’ Mwamba said.


He revealed that ‘the other day Hon. Given Lubinda asked us to distribute Hichilema’s BBC interview (to demonstrate that he was lying). I refused and cautioned others not do it.

Because HH appearing on BBC, a credible and world renowned media gives him credibility!!!whatever lies he is saying.’


Mwamba said the PF are ‘slowly falling into discussing our enemy: day after day, willingly distributing their messages on our forums and Media’.

Mwamba admitted that ‘we are already stuck in a maze’ and complained that ‘ but to import our rival’s agenda into our own homes, it beats me’.

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