PF is now a carcass, says Kabimba

WYNTER Kabimba says Zambians will next year legally force President Edgar Lungu out of office because his government is playing around with national issues. Kabimba, the Rainbow central committee general secretary and the party’s presidential candidate for the 2016 general elections, told several constituency, district and provincial party officials who gathered at Isoka’s Julika Lodge on Wednesday evening that the government had deviated from its mandate by opting for silence amidst an economic crisis.

“This is not good governance at all because the PF government has gone the wrong way. What this government is doing, I tell you, is playing; they are joking because today the kwacha closed at K9.9 against the US dollar! With this economic crisis, the government is behaving as if everything is normal,” he said. “We’ll mobilise against them because there is nothing that is normal now in this country. We are not planning to illegally force [President] Edgar Lungu out of office, no! But when election time comes, we’ll peacefully queue up and legally force Edgar and the PF out of government because niba pompwe and there is no other title you can give to this government; I have always said that ukuwina ama elections tekulalila ku manda but ni science.”

Kabimba further bemoaned the under-development that characterises many parts of Muchinga and Northern provinces. “As I was driving from Kasama today, I saw that there is no development here. I could not see any schools or just other facilities. So we want to seriously change this country but that will need committed leaders and we want you, as leaders, to go on the countryside and see how other people are suffering because that’s the only way you can improve other people’s welfare,” he said. And Kabimba pointed out that the ruling PF had become a carcass and that people should not worry about its desperate acts. “These are kicks of a dying horse and so don’t be worried about that because it has now become ichitumbi. Yes, PF chitumbi nomba. So concentrate on building the Rainbow Party…Rainbow will surely score victory in 2016 because there is no goalkeeper,” he said. Meanwhile, in thanking the officials for relentlessly campaigning for Moses Simwanza, who last month won the Kapililonga ward by-election on the Rainbow ticket, Kabimba warned them against giving in to intimidation. “There is a lot of intimidation from these districts you are coming from; from the district commissioners, OP (Office of the President), PF themselves and police officers who are used and we went through this in PF, but you must be strong and what should make you strong is that this is your country,” said Kabimba. “This is not a country for the OP, DCs and police officers but our country. Have confidence and pride that you are a Zambian and that way, we’ll be able to change this country. Don’t accept to be intimidated and you must be able to tell bakapokola that ‘I have a share in this country’ because God gave this country to 73 tribes without us asking for it and so we must feel very proud.”  

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