PF is only obsessed with being in power not service

PF is only obsessed with being in power not service


By Anthony Bwalya

When I visited Kasama recently, a colleague and I visited the Mother’s Shelter at Kasama General Hospital.

The place is fondly known as #Kubulanda.

This is the place where mothers who have been referred to KGH from far and surrounding areas are supposed to be staying.

Our mothers are NOT fed. They have resorted to picking up small pieces of work so that they can eat, and all this while they look after the sick in extremely difficult circumstances.

As the pictures show, they have NO place to sleep, while their bathrooms will make you sick with a combination of compassion and anger.

This is the same Kasama where the Patriotic Front (PF) went and splashed MILLIONS to win the Lukashya Byelection.

I was at pains to explain to the suffering, destitute mothers, why their conditions of existence were of neglect and destitution when the PF regime is always flashing money.

Countrymen and women, for the PF, elections are about POWER and not SERVICE.


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