PF is rigging 2021 right now

PF is rigging 2021 right now

PF are rigging the coming elections. We don’t need to invest in PVT team which will work in 2021…the rigging is being done now.

They have the printer of Ballot papers on their side.
2. They have reduced the voter registration period from 60 to 30 days.
3. They have constituted an electoral advisory committee comprising all their people.
4. Issuance of NRCs in their strongholds only
5. The voting of prisoners
Add to this they have the constitutional court and Police in their back pocket. They are currently campaigning full time countrywide then they will close all space for anyone else to go out to campaign using the public order act and the non-existent Covid 19 pandemic.
Electoral Advisory Committee
1. Rev Emmanual Bwalya
2. Prof. Edwin Zulu
3. Prof. Owen Sichone
4. Willie Sweta
5. Gen. Benjamin Mibenje
6. Mirriam Munyinda
7. Hellen Samatebele
8. Enala Tembo
We need to seriously scruitinize the electoral process. PF are not stupid to play the same trick they used in 2015 and 16. They have something else up their sleeves

ECZ has announced voter registration scheduled for October 2020.

They are proposing to register 4,000,000 new voters and re-validate about 6,000,000 existing voters.

Here is the simple mathematics that show that they are trying to fool people and citizens of this great nation:

*New Voters*

1. 4million ÷ 30days = 133,333 voters per day
2. 133,333 ÷ 8 hours in a day = 16, 667 registered voter per hour.
3. 16, 667 ÷ 60 minutes on 1 hour = 278 registered voters per minute.
4. 278 ÷ 60 seconds in a minute = 5 persons per second.

*Old Voters Verification*

1. 6million ÷ 30 days = 200,000 verified voters per day.

2. 200,000 ÷ 8 hours in day = 25,000 verified voters per hour.

3. 25, 000 ÷ 60 minutes in an hour = 417 verified voters per minute.

4. 417 ÷ 60 seconds in one minute = 7 verified voters per second.

Now if this is not illusions, cooked lies and deceit, I wonder what qualifies to be.

I can predict that there will be definitely no 4 million new voters that will be registered. First time, young voters will be disenfranchised and the verification process will be a messy business.

This is the beginning of another disputed and bloody election.

The great nation of Zambia needs great people again to redeem it from those that have made it a looting machine.

Cry my country cry.

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