PF is the world’s Casablanca for crooks- Amsterdam

I note with regret the ill-considered statements made today by President of Zambia Michael Sata concerning former President Rupiah and opposition leaders Nevers Mumba and Hakainde Hichilema.

For a man who is suing people for millions of dollars for allegedly defaming him by talking about corruption, President Sata sure has a twisted sense of the presumption of innocence.

Former President Banda doesn’t need go anywhere to find “criminal asylum” – judging by the conduct of people like Kabimba, GBM, and Kapoko, right now the PF is the world’s Casablanca for crooks.

But the fact remains that President Sata’s government has violated the law by issuing an illegal summons, they have deprived the former president of any chance of fair hearings by making wildly prejudicial statements, and have made a mockery out of due process with this blatantly politically motivated defamation campaign that doesn’t even rest on a single concrete allegation.

The problem with President Sata is that he knows the outcome he wants – the destruction of the multiparty system – but fails to understand that you can’t bend and mold the legal system to achieve such political goals.

Thank you and kind regards
Robert Amsterdam

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