PF Kabwe district youth league faces dissolution

The central province PF leadership has suspended Kabwe district youth chairman Paul Ngosa and two other officials and is in the process of dissolving the entire executive, accusing them of disloyalty to the party.

The youths have been accused of destabilising the party and working with ABZ leader Fr. Frank Bwalya who was in the district last week and anticipated massive fallout within the PF, but the decision has created divisions amongst provincial members with some members describing the decision as ‘intimidation and baseless’.

However the entire youth league has stood against the decision and has promised to fight back and ensure that the provincial leadership goes out because it is them who have failed to run the party in the province.

“This is our district, we will not condone any harassment of the youths, we shall fight for our chairman and our leaders, we will push the provincial executive out, they don’t mean well to the party and they are failures, we await the letters and then we will teach them a lesson in our next move,” said the youths in an interview.

The suspension letters have not been served on the officials but were merely communicated through the PF propagandist newspaper the Post. the youths say they still await the letters and then state their next move.

The party’s popularity in Kabwe has been falling, youths have complained against the poor leadership and the suspension comes as an attack on the very youths who were used to campaign for ailing dictator Michael Sata.

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