PF Kapiri chairman dies after distributing money



Kapiri Mposhi District Chairman Wigan Maluti has been found lifeless in a PF branded vehicle.

Earlier he was seen distributing money to PF cadres.

The money he was distributing is tax payers money. It was supppsed to be used for public purposes like paying suffering retirees.

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    You will laugh on the other side of your mouths you young ones who are being misled by greedy defectors turn coats who were once pf then because of greediness they left the ruling party ba Lungu balibomba if it was a matter of no voting we would usher him into office ten times ten you were born yesterday you don’t know what you are talking about no wonder your English is so pathetic you fail miserably to articulate yourselves properly what more can you do balekeni ba lungu 5 decades no development awe mukwai

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    I don’t know what is wrong in Zambia. In Zambia we take leadership as a thrown to make money and still from poor people that is why God does not bless us. Rich people are getting richer and poor are getting more poor. To be a leader means being a slave for people. Too bad for the chairman, wish to coney my condolence message to the family.

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    THE PRINCE 2 weeks ago

    BA PF Mwafulwa, we want all your leaders to die before finishing our country. what nonsense is this? they are even asking for voters card. that’s buying votes. it’s cheap and let him go in his sin. You will not zambians this time around enough with your village nonsense.

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    kufahakurambwe 2 weeks ago

    For a brief moment I was elated to read the headline “PF dies…”. I hoped the good lord had answered my prayers and removed Bowman Alibe Nzelu Lusambo from our world. It is a matter of time. Several of these idiotic PF cares will not make it to 2021 because of their ignorance and boot licking. Please PF continue to campaign in large numbers.

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    Disbturbed 2 weeks ago


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    No3rdterm 2 weeks ago

    Zambia watchdog. This is poor journalism. Dig deep. Investigate before posting unsubstantiated stories.  This money distribution is being repeated across the country – in all districts of Zambia. Where is it coming from? Who’s facilitating it if it’s source is Govt or parastatals? We need well researched stories from you so that we can hold people accountable in 2021. 

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      Sarah 2 weeks ago

      I rarely read this garbage any more because Watchdog and professional journalism have never met. The many people who read this website are frustrated with how poorly PF has managed the country and that should have given Watchdog an opportunity to reach this frustrated masses with proper, unbiased news. Instead they act like illiterate cadres themselves, posting stupid and salacious rumors and half-baked stories.
      I suggest, like me, you just pop in occasionally, to verify news from other websites like Zambian Observer, Zambian Eye, News Diggers and the Mast, which actually hire people who can write properly and not prone to exaggeration or outright lies.