PF Kapiri rigging: Ward figures can’t add up

Glaring electoral irregularities have since been established from the just ended Kapiri Mposhi by-election where the PF emerged victorious after capitalising on the bad terrain to areas such as Lukanga Swamps where the opposition UPND were incapacitated to reach.

Sources within the PF, UPND and Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) have all noticed the disparities in the Lukanga Swamp and Mukubwa Ward polling Stations results which have so far failed to tally with what ECZ tabulated at totalling Centre.

According to the Zambian electoral system, all participating political parties are issued with results certificates that are signed by all parties including ECZ soon after counting at polling stations.

But for Lukanga and Mukubwa wards, polling agents were given results that have now shown to be different from the ones that ECZ had at the totalling centre.

“What made the case difficult is that the people who had the voters certificates were unreachable on mobile phones and only arrived yesterday afternoon after PF candidate had already emerged winner,” sources said.

Sources said it was the lack of communication between the far flung areas and Kapiri Mposhi town totalling centre that the PF capitalised by manipulating figures before all the agents with results had arrived.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema yesterday disclosed that there was overwhelming evidence for his party to petition the Kapiri Mposhi by-election because of rampant electoral malpractices.

He said his party regretted that they let the Kapiri Mposhi people down by not jealously protecting and guarding the votes on their behalf.

Prior to voting in Kapiri Mposhi, a number of ballot paper booklets were stolen and todate still remain uncounted for.

A PF official was also caught by alert UPND cadres and taken to police station with more than K13million which he was distributing to voters in the area.

On the nomination day, PF chairperson for elections Silvia Masebo also broke the electoral regulations by going with more than 400 PF thugs to the nomination centre, an action which she admitted and apologised.

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