PF lawyers fail to substantial claims in court

Constitutional court  Judges Blasted PF lawyers today. ”
Dear Learned Colleagues, your lack of seriousness in this matter will not be tolerated bythis court, we gave you respect to have this case heard in chambers but as an institution mandated to uphold the constitution we have no choice now but to take this matter to an open court,’ stressed one of the Judges:
The Concourt was furious at the lack of understanding of article 103 which PF lawyers failed to give their understanding of the law and explanation in the marginal notes on transition
after elections.
PF lawyer Eric Silwamba was tongue tied when
the courts asked him to tell the court to whom
the following provisions refer to ”
Quote ” (3) Where an election petition is filed
against the incumbent,
under Article 103 (1), or an election is nullified,
under Article 103(3)
(b), the Speaker shall perform the executive
functions, except the
power to—
(a) make an appointment; or
(b) dissolve the National Assembly”
At this time the Court went into laughter when
PF Lawyer said that the law does not apply to
this situation, asked to show them any law that
provides guidelines on transition, PF Lawyer just
started smiling. It was at this point one of the
judges told the PF defence team to show some
degree of maturity and seriousness.
This follows the prelimanary Motion raised by
President Edgar Lungu’s lawyers on Wednesday,
that requested that the grounds of the Petition
were irregular and were outside the Jurisdiction
pursuant to the provisions of Article 128 and Act
no 8 of the 2016 Constitutional.
The lawyers also demanded that the Petition be
dismissed as it was filed under wrong articles of
the Constitution. But when the court asked PF
lawyers to cite the articles that provides for
transition they failed to cite any not even the
famous 103.
PF lawyers failed to challenge or defend most of
the evidence presented by UPND and they were
busy pleading ati can you remove paragraph so
and so please check the attached documents .
PF Lawyers are so disorganised and this has
angered LAZ who will soon hold a press
conference to state the facts. LAZ has also
taken interest in the case and has raised enough
funds to have the proceedings televised in the
open court.
MUVI had committed to televise the proceedings
but PF made sure the broadcasting Network is
closed. ZNBC says they can’t televise the
proceedings because their calendar is full.
The matter has been adjourned to Friday 26th
August 2016 at 11hrs.

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