Sata says President Banda is only committed to his stomach

Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata has alleged that President Rupiah Banda is not sincere as he has not officially announced his exodus from the United National Independence Party (UNIP) to join the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD).

Speaking in Lusaka, Sata accused President Banda of being committed to his stomach and not the ruling party, noting that MMD is only using him because they are desperate for a leader and have no option.

He charged that the campaign landscape in the country is not fair because when the ruling party went for their convention it disclosed that the MMD has debts in millions, but surprisingly the party has purchased various campaign materials which include vehicles and bicycles.

Commenting on his party’s plans for the nation, Sata said there is need to bring dignity and integrity to the ordinary Zambian as such is lacking at the moment.

He said there is need to provide better conditions of service and decent accommodation for nurses, doctors, and teachers if they are to deliver as expected.

Sata urged the next President to ensure he appoints credible individuals in his cabinet so they provide a new constitution for the country.

He blamed the current Vice President George Kunda of misleading the nation by making citizens think he would help deliver a people driven constitution.

Sata said Kunda used the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) to amass wealth for himself and not to address the aspirations of the Zambian people he claims to serve.

The PF leader further accused President Banda and MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya of being thieves that are only bent on stealing and destroying the country to benefit themselves.

He charged that the duo have brain washed citizens to think they are fostering development but it is sad  that the damage they have caused will only be noticed when power changes hands.

Meanwhile, Sata advised the electorate to vote wisely and maintain peace prior to, during, and after elections.

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