PF leaders continue fighting for proceeds of corruption

The infighting for plunder within PF has continued. Tutwa Ngulube, who says he is the PF lawyer has now threatened malnourished PF cadre Chilufya Tayali for circulating evidence of corruption against agriculture minister Given Lubinda. The dossier on Lubinda was authored by ZCF managing director James Chirwa and others such as Millers Association of Zambia CEO harrison Banda but given to Tayali to publicise.

According to Ngulube, Lubinda can’t be corrupt because he has been a member of parliament for a long time. Some ‘lawyers’, awe mwandi.

Below is Ngulube’s rumblings:


THE PF LEGAL CRACK SQUAD has noted with dismay the manner in which Zambian Voice executive Director Chilufya Tayali has casually and maliciously labelled Hon. Minister of Agriculture Given Lubinda as corrupt without any evidence or facts laid to prove his allegations.
We note that according to Tayali,Honorable Lubinda lives in a house as big as a Church and that Mr. kafwabulula has vehicles worth K 4.2 million kwacha.
Can these be said to be corruption? Who doesn’t know that Honorable Lubinda has been in Parliament for more than 3 terms and has been doing businesses throughout.
Mr. Chola Kafwabulula the CEO at FRA was Legal Counsel FRA before being appointed CEO at FRA and it is not true as Tayali put it that Mr. Kafwabulula was driving a Mark II two years ago.
Even the Legal officer at FRA drives a Toyota Hilux how can the Chief Executive be driving a Mark II.
TAYALI must be warned that he risks being sued and he may soon have injunctions all over his body.
Who told TAYALI that there is a maize shortage in Zambia? Is there a Shortfall of mealie Meal? Letbhim tell us which part of Zambia has no mealie meal.
As the Legal Crack squad of the PF, we will not tolerate such indiscipline in an election year. Honorable Lubinda is one of the senior members of the PF that need to be respected and Protected from hallucinations of street Organizations and fictitious NGOs like the Zambian Voice.
If TAYALI has evidence of corruption he knows where to report it. Let him not sing his own song even when he knows the correct channels of reporting or preventing corruption.
We will not allow anyone to portray our government or its officials as corrupt without bringing out the evidence he has.
We have seen nothing in Tayali’s statement that can even hold water. Mr. Kafwabulula is not a politician and must not be dragged into politics.
We have no intentions of intervening in any fights Tayali has with Lubinda or Kafwabulula but we refuse to have insinuations that will affect innocent members of the party.
We therefore give TAYALI 7 days in which to report the matter to the relevant authorities or face unspecified actions.
Mr. Tayali will have no further notice should he ignore this warning. We urge him to desist from engaging in a street fight with his own conscience otherwise his head will roll.
We rest our case.
At Lusaka the 28th April 2016.

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