It’s PF leaders who want Sata dead – Siwila

Time is slowly catching up with some senior Patriotic Front (PF) leaders whishing President Michael Sata ill will because the Head of State would soon act and distance himself from his known enemies, former PF Lusaka district vice secretary Benja Siwila has said.

Mr Siwila said it  was no longer a secret that there were some senior PF leaders who have been praying  that President Sata should fail to govern so that they could take over but that the Head of State had shamed  them by his determination to develop  the country.

Mr Siwila said the youths in the ruling party were aware that President Sata was under threat from within the PF and that time had come for the Head of State to part company with the people pretending to be his confidants.

He told the Daily Nation that speculations and innuendoes about President Sata’s health were not started by the opposition political parties but the leaders within PF who were desperate to take over the leadership of the ruling party and the country.

Mr Siwila explained that the youths in the PF were deeply concerned that some leaders singing praises for President Sata were the same people who were scheming to stab him from the back so that they could take over the party.

He said should President Sata consider summoning the youths in Lusaka, they would be ready to name and shame the leaders who have for a long time been scheming to take over the leadership of the ruling.

He charged that there was a group of senior PF leaders who were working at frustrating the efforts of President Sata so he could fail and make Zambians revolt against the Head of State.

Mr Siwila said the absence of President Sata from public appearances did not mean that the Head of State was not working adding it was not the style of the President to give policy directions through press conferences.

Mr Siwila who was expelled by PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba along with former Lusaka district vice-chairman Julius Komaki stated that the presence of President Sata in the media was not more important than what he was doing for the country.

“We have always known that there were some top leaders in our party who are the real enemies to President Sata. We have said this countless times and we are pleased that these selfish leaders would soon be exposed. Time is catching up with them and that is why some of them have gone silent. We have been very uncomfortable with some of the leaders close to President and that is why we decided to take to the streets at some point. These people are so desperate for power that they are capable of doing anything. They have tried to frustrate President Sata so that he fails to perform,” Mr Siwila said.

He stated that the people accusing the opposition of propagating hate messages against President Sata were deliberately misinforming the nation when the truth was that the enemies of the Head of State were within the ruling party.

He said some leaders in the ruling party had been going round the country marketing their own agenda at the expense of the ruling party.

‘President Sata has been seeing and monitoring their activities and he will soon flush them out of government and the party. They have made our party unpopular because of their selfish motives and were not happy with the way things have been happening. As youths, we shall continue suppoting the President because we know he means well for the country particularly the young people,” Mr Siwila said.

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