PF leading in Kawambwa

Michael Sata’s Patrotic Front (PF) has taken an early lead at both Presidential and Parliamentarly level in Kawambwa Central Constituency.  Presidential results are as given below; Munkanta Local court Polling station: PF 286 votes; MMD 172 votes:  Mpota Basic School; PF 251; MMD 51: St. Mary’s Basic School: PF 598; MMD 280: Mpota Basic School: PF 251; MMD 51: Misakalala Polling Station: PF 230; MMD 215: Munkanta Basic School: MMD 248; PF 436.
At parliamentary level, the former Member of Parliament Elizabeth Mulobeka Chitika was trailing behind the PF’s candidate Nickson Chilangwa in the five polling stations counted.  The results are as given below;  Munkanta Local Court Polling Station; Chilangwa Nickson 277: Chitika Elizabeth 181: Munkanta Basic School Polling Station; UPND 05: Chilangwa Nickson PF 413; MMD  Chitika Elizabeth 272: St. mary’s Basic School: Chilangwa Nickson 578; Chitika Elizabeth 308.
Unconfirmed results received from Tea Estate, Council Chamber and Filope Polling Stations indicate that the Patriotic Front is leading with a wider margin.
Meanwhile in the morning there was a near punch up between the PF supporters and MMD over the use of individual pens rather than the ECZ provided pens.  It took the police enforcement to calm what would have been a volatile situation at Munkanta Local Court Polling Station as some PF supporters threatened to torch some houses of MMD members.
The European Union Observers who reached at Munkanta Local Court polling station at about 17:30 hours however expressed satisfaction with the electoral process.  They stayed at the station until the vote counting was finalised
Reports from Mwansabombwe Constituency indicate that Criticles Mwansa is in a very tight race as some electorates blocked the road from Kasumpa village up to Mbereshi chanting PF slogans.  Some PF villagers have threatened to torch the palace of Chief Mwata Kazembe who has been supporting the candidature of Criticles Mwansa.  Prelimary results indicate that the PF candidate was leading in the polling stations counted so far.

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