PF led DMMU diverts relief food to Mwinilunga by election

Prisoners offloading meali meal bags

Mwinilunga member of parliament Newton Samakayi has wondered why the PF led Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has diverted relief food meant for Ikelenge to Mwinilunga which is food secure,
Samakayi charged that the move by the DMMU to divert relief food to Mwinilunga was meant to bribe voters ahead of the by election in Samutebe ward.
He pointed out that some parts of the country are in dire need of relief food but Mwinilunga district had enough rains and was food secure.
‘We are aware that some parts of this country such as Southern, Western, some parts of Eastern, Central, Northern and Luapula are in dire need of food. Am the area MP for Mwinilunga and at no time have we made an application for relief food because we were blessed with enough rains and thus food secure. Why don’t they take that food to needy areas? Hon Samakayi wondered.
Two trucks were today found offloading hundreds of bags of meali meal at the district administration offices using prisoners.

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