PF lets Malawi take Zambian land, 58 families evicted

Malawi has ordered more than 58 Zambian families in Kaleza Farm Bloc in Chipata District to vacate the area by this monthend, claiming that new boundary beacons reveal that the area is in Malawi.

Though president Edgar Lungu and his government are aware, they are unconcerned and in fact have told Malawi to take the land.
According to a petition by the affected families which was addressed to Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu and copied to President Edgar Lungu, the residents have been asked to leave or be arrested.
The residents say they have been living in the border area for the past 21 years without any problems.
However, the Zambian and Malawian authorities drew boundaries in 2009 which now suggest that the 58 families are on Malawian land.
Among the villages that have been affected are Chimango, Msapenda, Lundu, Lingililani Lionda and Zindo, all in Chief Chanje.
In a letter informing Government officials, Kaleza Farm Bloc chairperson Pilate Zulu said that last week, game scouts from Malawi in the company of ZAWA officials visited the area and ordered the Zambians to leave or face serious consequences.
“The new boundary found us living in the areas we are told to vacate. Is it true that since independence the Malawian government did not know their boundary until 2009?” read the petition in part which was also copied to Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba and his Lands counterpart Christabel Ngimbu.
Mr Zulu said that people now felt they had no option but to move to the side regarded as Zambian despite having lived in the area for a long time.
He expressed confidence that the Government would help to resolve the matter in the interest of its people to allow the residents enjoy the benefits of land.

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