PF likely to infiltrate MISA today

Chances are that the PF will today manage to infiltrate MISA Zambia, a supposedly association of independent journalists, by installing Mutemwa Makomani as chairperson and John Chola as vice.

Last night, MISA officials in conjunction with PF operatives were registering students from Evelyn Hone College and other Cairo road based colleges to go and vote for Makomani and John Chola today.

MISA is holding an AGM at Palmwood Lodge in Chudleigh today.

The PF is sponsoring Mutemwa Makomani a former journalism lecturer at Evelyn Hone Ciollege but now teaching communication skills at the same college but business department. He was moved from journalism section after plundering exam fees for journalism students. The ruling Patriotic Front has laid out a plan to infiltrate the Media Institute of Southern Africa Zambia charpter at tomorrow’s Annual General Meeting. The plan is spearheaded by of ex-MISA employee Chanda Mfula now based at Pf Secretariat as media ‘director’.

The operation is being sponsored by embattled PF secretary general Wynetr Kabimba and President Michael Sata’s press aide George Chellah. We are not sure if Emmanuel Mwamba has joined this sinister move but knowing Emmanuel Mwamba the way we know him inside and out, we can state with confidence that he is hovering like a dark cloud in the background.


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