PF London branch learns lesson, sidelined by PF as well


Many of us living in Zambia and possessing voting rights were motivated in parts to vote for PF in the previous general election because we felt that President Michael Sata and the likes of Hon Sichinga, Dr Mutukwa and Hon Kabimba had successfully managed to put the Party on the international scene with much presitige and panache. On 04/05/10, the UK Zambians website/Magazine announced the presence of PF London District Association in the United Kingdom with Arnold Zulu as Chair. On 02/05/11, Zulu chaired a  PF UK District meeting in East London, UK giving Diaspora Zambians a cherished opportunity to speak to Mr Sata (then)and his entourage (comprising, Mr Sichinga, Dr Mutukwa and George Chella) resulting in a video being produced by ZAMUK COM. On 08/05/11 the Sunday post newspaper of Zambia reported and depicted a photo of Arnold Zulu, Daniel Mutambo (PF UK Publicity Officer) and Mr Sata walking side by side somewhere near No. 10 Downing Street, London. The article was headlined by Prof. Kyambalesa urging Zambians to back Mr Sata as President.

We learn that during its existence, the PF UK District has delivered a number of fundraising events and that a number of members too in the UK contributed to the association resulting in purchases of Mega phones and cell phones which items were sent to both Dr Melega and Mr Kabimba as PF SGs at the secretariat. We also learn that The PF UK District was recognized and endorsed by both SGS in Central Committee meetings.

What is most surprising and perhaps worrying to Diaspora Zambia is the fact that neither Arnold Zulu (still Chair) who invested so much including providing free venues for the hosting of District’s meetings, Dr Mutambo who languished for over 6 months in Zambia waiting to be alocatted a position in the Zambian Government Government and many others such as Peter Bwalya, Wonder Phiri, Nora Chisanga, Doreen Siyanyauka are sidelined by the PF Government in many Forums including those hosted by The Zambian High Commission In London and visiting Government officials. Instead a Miss/Mrs Clara Chilupe, niece to Finance Minister who never attended any meetings or made any contribution was posted to Zambia Foreign Mission in Sweden out of the blues.

SATASATAGiven the above account could anyone doubt the deep rooted resentment of the adoption of the constitution which call for rights of the Diuaspora?

Editor, is it not time to find out and bring out in the open what is happening here?

Name withheld on request.

In the photo: PF leader Michael Sata (r) with PF London branch official Daniel Mutambo and PF London branch chairman Arnold Zulu (l) after his closed door meeting at the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London on May 5,2011-Picture by Thomas Nsama

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