PF looking for lawyers for Litunga, as Kuomboka lies in doubt

PF looking for lawyers for Litunga, as Kuomboka lies in doubt


The embattled King of the Lozi people Litunga Lubosi Imwiko has of late been frequenting Lusaka and negotiating with PF leadership to get him a team of top cream lawyers to represent him in the matter where traditionalists have sued for his removal for failure to keep to tradition among other failures.

Christopher Mundiya is one of the lawyers who has been approached and, with assistance of former president Rupiah Banda Sakwiba Sikota is being courted also. Some lawyers who have analysed the grounds said that the divisive King stands less chances to survive in the matter expected to commence in the Mongu High court on 24th February. Sources in the Litunga’s camp have disclosed that Imwiko is damn scared of the repercussions if he is removed as his love for money has led to the suffering of the Lozi people. His own father Litnga Imwiko I was poisoned to death because of dishonesty.

And the insecurity surrounding the Litunga’s throne is said to be threatening the planned hosting of the Kuomboka ceremony slated for next month but Pf government is trying to assure Litunga that they will provide maximum security to protect him so that his dwindling authority can once again be given a window dressing.

Imwiko has sided with government in persecuting his own people including the sending to jail for ten years of the Linyungandambo leader Afumba Mombotwa and his two colleagues for simply trying to implement the Barotse National Council Resolution calling for Barotseland’s self governance.

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