PF loses another electoral petition and told to pay winner Lungwangwa

The Lusaka High Court has thrown out  the Nalikwanda Constituency electoral petition by the Patritic Front.

Judge Flavia Chishimba has declared that MMD Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Geofrey Lungwangwa was duly elected.

Judge Chishimba has dismissed with costs the electoral petition filed losing PF candidate Maurice Munembo.

This means that the PF official will have to pay Lungwangwa’s lawyers plus his own lawyers

She noted that Mr Munembo has not sufficiently shown evidence that Professor Lungwangwa engaged in bribery to woo voters.

Judge Chishimba has also said there was no evidence on allegations that Professor Lungwangwa had used the Constituency Development Fund to buy gifts that were allegedly distributed to would be voters.


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