PF loses local government seat in a ‘barrack’ ward

69 year old PF candidate in the Kaputula ward by election in Kabwe central constituency has lost to 31 year old Humphrey Mukuka of the opposition MMD in a tightly contested election that attracted the attention of many Kabwe residents who openly decampaigned the ruling party.

Mukuka polled 454 while Musakanya polled 413 followed by UPND’s Fixon Kyebo on 234, Narep’s Edwin Makombe got 76 and UNIP’s Davis Jalabani polled a paltry 27. Kaputula has 6,676 registered voters and is home to Chindwin barracks, where the PF was optimistic of getting most of their votes.

Most of the Kabwe residents openly decampaigned the PF due to failure to fulfill campaign promises in the town which in spite of being nearest to capital city Lusaka remains one of the least developed towns along the line of rail and has been tagged as the ‘Ghost town’.

The PF government have failed to fulfill the campaign promises of reopening the Mulungushi textiles, shifted the Zambia Railways head office to Lusaka, have failed to repair the road network in town leading to majority of population suffering inhaling lead polluted dust and suffering multiple respiratory  infections (JCTR research report -2013).

Returning officer Elizabeth Manda announced the results shortly after Friday midnight, sending the former ruling party supporters and other sympathizers into jubilation. There were no PF members in sight due to the humiliation in the backyard.

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