‘PF makes me feel useless’


To begin with, its such a shame that the entire Zambian citizenry had the courage and audacity to elect and usher into government a
political party such as the PF, whose party manifesto was bleak without presenting a clear vision and road map for the country’s

It really makes sad reading to wake up everyday to see the pace at which our economy is being destroyed. What’s even worse is
the thought that this could just be the start of the times such as never been seen before in our country.

The people of Zambia are suffering and it is because of our poor choices or lack of them there
of. Zambian are the worst cowards on Earth, at times I dream of a revolution in our country to fight the injustices that the PF is
exposing us to, but each time when I wake up, I think about my family and children, that I might not get the support and that I might be
used as a lamb, a shining example of what happens to those who oppose government.

From the time we gained independence, the only thing that we can brag of in Zambian is peace. Is there really peace in Zambia?
No is the answer! There is no peace in Zambia, we are just a bunch of grieving lambs who are in an open prison. Trapped in fear as we watch
those we choose to serve us mistreat us.

Those we ordain to watch over our treasure treat us as though they are our masters, and we dance to their tunes. Our leaders in many ways possible also behave as if they possess memories or brains of flies. Why flies? A fly has a short memory, you might want to kill it in one second, and it will come around the next. Our leaders have short term memories, they forget so fast why they are elected, they are corrupted by power once they are
on the top.

They forget how history always has a tendency of repeating itself, they forget that great men have fallen because of this same power, great men who were supposed to go in the books of history have died dishonorable deaths; the libyans, Germans and those from the other Arabic countries can agree with me on this fact.

Had we for once in Zambia thought beyond our bellies, Zambia would have been a better place. It is evident for each one to see that our president is
failing; and the sad part is he has failed in everything, the only successful thing the old man has achieved is to being the head of state, and it is clear for all to see that it is obviously because he had to lie to the whole nation without shame that he was going to develop Zambia in 90 days and give people a constitution.

The man’s health is failing him, he cannot tame his ministers whom he keeps calling ‘useless’. In as much as he is more useless for choosing
useless people, the entIre Zambian populous is the most useless for allowing to be governed by functional illiterates. It is evident that
we are headed for doom in Zambia if we continue to allow each person to express their democratic right of voting. That is why in this day
and age, we can still have people in Zambia voting strictly on tribal grounds.

The cadres are slowly taking over this nation, we no longer respect skilled man power in Zambia, this can be evidenced by the salaries in the public service. Where on Earth apart from Zambia can you find a nurse(professional) being in the same salary scale as a cleaner? How is it possible that teachers who possess diplomas can be at the same level with certificate holders? Such anomalies only happen in Zambia where everyone is sleeping, only to wake up and find decisions have been made for you by a few uneducated individuals who lack an understanding as well as knowledge about the importance of educated.

How can the Zambians allow their treasury to be watched by
tired people like Alexander Chikwanda whose records of failure as a
minister are there for all to see? A man whose plan for the country is
to borrow. In as much as we are already feeling the effects of
Chikwanda and Sata’s damage to the public coffers, I am of the view
that our children will curse us because they will find nothing for
them in Zambia. These old people have no slightest idea of modern
economics. Yet they try to force themselves on it. People should learn
from Mandela, you can only do as much…What you cannot do, leave for
those who can, micheal and Chikwanda still have a chance to be
remembered as leaders who gave way to allow others to develop the
nation, because at the pace they are moving, nothing is stable in the
country. We need to wake up as Zambians from slumber and rise against
those who serve us and remind them of their promises. Let us fight for
our country lest our children laugh at us and curse us for sentencing
them to death. We sad people! We are not peaciful…Just a bunch of
useless cowards.

Even a useless president feels no need to address us live unless through a facebook page.

That’s how much he thinks we are useless! He has no time to talk to us and let us ask him questions, but he won’t waste a minute to pay himself and take himself out of the country at the slightest opportunity.


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