PF making mockery of civil servants

PF making mockery of civil servants


It is mockery that the same Patriotic Front (PF) government that has been defrauding and sabotaging the welfare of civil servants for the past Ten (10) years are now shamelessly offering to takeover the crippling debt currently destroying the lives of thousands of public sector workers.

It is important for civil servants to remember, that the reason many of them are in debt and impoverished is because the PF government has systematically been stealing from them by failing to pay salaries for several months, as well as trapping civil servants in a vicious cycle of debt by failing to remit loan deductions to loan issuing companies after collecting this money at source.

It is this extended none payment of salaries, coupled by fraud involving loan deductions that has pushed thousands of government workers to enter into toxic debt agreements as a means to survive.

We are appealing to civil servants and their families to never again fall for the deception of the reckless leadership of the PF, and instead trust the UPND leadership to aggressively and decisively deal with their debt problems, as well as improving their working conditions by reforming PAYE taxes, reforming NAPSA and lowering the cost of living for all Zambians.

Issued: Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson
11 July 2021

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