PF manoeuvres to reinstate Kapijimpanga, targets Mazoka’s widow

After exposure that dictator Michael Sata has fired Judith Kapinjimpaga despite heavily campaigning for him, manoeuvres are underway to give her back her job.

Senior intelligence officials have disclosed that the article published by the Watchdog has serious effect on the PF continued trick of appointing opposition MPS to its bloated government.

OP officials explained that, if targeted MPs realise that they can be dumped after being used, they would start refusing to be appointed and those already serving may resign.

Kapinjimpanga was lands minister in the MMD government but betrayed the MMD for PF and was rewarded with a job as High Commissioner to Tanzania.

But she was fired in late December after insulting president Sata one day after taking a few beers.

She has been in Lusaka from December and until last week, Deputy High Commissioner to Tanzania, Elizabeth Phiri has been acting in her position.

But following the exposure by the Watchdog that another MMD ‘buffalo’ who betrayed MMD to  support PF has been side-lined, the president has been advised that this will affect the process to create a ‘One Party State’.

According to senior OP officers, the time to sort out people like Kapinjimpanga who show disrespect to Sata will come but for now, they must bring everyone aboard. Kapinjimpanga should therefore be reinstated and pretend nothing had happened or just say she was on leave.

The OP says among the opposition MPs currently on the target list is Mutinta Mazoka, the MP for Pemba.

Mutinta is the widow of UPND founder Anderson Mazoka. OP officers told the Watchdog that Mutinta Mazoka and Howard  Kunda, the son of former veep George Kunda have been specifically targeted for physcological reasons.

The OP says if the PF can manage to put the wife of Mazoka in their pocket then they would have struck a mortal blow to UPND. So far Mazoka’s widow is speaking very well of PF.

Kunda’s son is targeted for the same reasons. If there was one person who detested what Sata and his PF represent or stand for, it was George Kunda. To get his son will therefore not only be a befitting insult but Kunda but a true victory for PF.

But this strategy can be disrupted if it can be shown that people like Kapinjimpanga are used then dumped.

‘So watch what will happen after you wrote that story,’ said an OP source.

According to the same OP sources, most of the opposition deputy minister will be fired after serving their purporse as it is very expensive to maintain them.

‘After using them to lift Rupiah Banda’s immunity, they will be needed to pass the constitution then they won’t be much needed,’ explained one officer.

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