PF Mayor’s son evades police arrest, as UPND youths launch man hunt

IMG_3928Kedrick Bango, the notorious son of Kabwe Mayor Richard Bango who assaulted a UPND cadre has run away to an unknown place in fear of police arrest. Some police sources believe the father has helped him to run away, but UPND youths have vowed to hunt for the young man and do a citizen arrest.

On Monday night and using bottles, Kedrick viciously assaulted Lazarous Mulomba because Mulomba was playing UPND songs in his vehicle at a drinking place in Ngungu. Mulomba sustained serious injuries and doctors at Kabwe General Hospital say he may need to undergo eye surgery following some bleeding in the eye.

The docket was opened at Bwacha police yesterday but Mayor Bango apparently called the police station and claimed that Mulomba has always been offending his notorious son. He directed them not to arrest them but after being told that the offence his son had committed was serious, today he is believed to have arranged for his flee.

When police officers pounced at Bango’s residence in old Ngungu this afternoon, they were told that Kedrick was not at home. Other than the assault cases, Kedrick has also been involved in rape and defilement cases but has escaped jail because of the father’s position as victims have usually been paid to drop the charges.

Bango is PF Ngungu ward councillor and intends to challenge incumbent Sydney Mushanga for party adoption as Bwacha parliamentarian in 2016.

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