PF Media crackdown continues as they arrest former Times of Zambia editors

The Anti- Corruption Commission has arrested two former Times of Zambia Deputy Editors In- Chief Hicks Sikazwe and Mirriam Zimba for alleged offences they committed during the previous regime.
Mr. Sikazwe is alleged to have stolen K44million in salary and K15million in travel allowances.
Mrs. Zimba is alleged to have been irregularly recalled from retirement resulting in government losing millions of Kwacha. The two were arrested in Kitwe today.
However a source within the Anti Corruption Commission says the arrest is just another of the many manouvers the Patriotic Front government is doing to divert attention from the many promises it has failed to fulfil within ninety days.
The source said as of Mrs. Zimba it was management that recalled her because it was believed the company had trained alot of people who later deserted the company.
Mrs. Zimba had gone to the United Kingdom for training and when she returned she wanted to leave the company.
Management by then headed by Mr. Arnold Kapelembi thought it wise to re-engage Mrs. Zimba because the company was going to lose out.
On Mr Sikazwe, the source said the Ministry of Information discovered that the two government dailies namely the Zambia Daily Mail and the Times of Zambia had problems with distribution and engaged him to help with the same.
Mr. Sikazwe’s charges emminet from the one year contract he was given to improve the circulation of the two dailies because of his long experience in the print media.

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