PF mediocrity detrimental to Zambia – OYV

Operation Young Vote (OYV) Executive Director Guess Nyirenda has explained that the PF leadership is in a hurry to make money and secure themselves at the expense of the citizens.

In a statement made available to QFM News today, Mr. Nyirenda says the happenings in the Patriotic Front Party and the Government attract more questions than answers.

Mr. Nyirenda says it is sad that the status quo seems to suggest that the country is either being mismanaged to the core or is running on auto pilot.

He says the PF is very swift at deregistering and intimidate political parties and civil society organizations that express divergent views from theirs but very slow at resolving maize and mealie meal scams, gruesome ritual killings and other evils.

He adds that his organization is of the conviction that the kind of leadership in the PF in this age and era is not only not inspiring but also detrimental to the country’s recovery from its challenges and eventual success in its citizens’ economic emancipation.
Mr. Nyirenda says for Zambia to recover from the poverty levels and economic downturn it finds itself in due to poor and visionless leadership, it requires massive sacrifice by all.

The OYV Executive Director has since demanded that the PF recollects and put their house in order or they pave way for the focused citizens to take over the running of the country.

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